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About Wildwood Academy

Wildwood Academy is an independent, grades 5-8 middle school in Hood River, Oregon.​


At Wildwood, we believe that students should be excited to come to school! Learning should be inspiring and engaging, not drudgery. Too often in the public school system, students experience the exact opposite. They are made to feel like cogs in a wheel, subjected to lifeless lecture formats, archaic curricula, dry reading materials, and burned out teachers. This one-size-fits-all mentality causes many students to lose interest in education and learning.

Our classes are movement oriented and project based. We understand the needs, passions, strengths, and weaknesses of each student and provide an appropriate 'individualized' experience for that student. We get them engaged. We get them involved. We get them excited. We strive to make them critical thinkers and life long learners.


We recognize that our students experience multiple "age appropriate" challenges, responsibilities and stresses. They are adolescents after all. We don't pacify or coddle our students but we do recognize our responsibility to help them on their journey between childhood and adulthood.  We expect them to be responsible for their behavior, their studies, and their words. We work with them to learn how to stand up for themselves and deal with social pressures rather than trying to remove those social pressures for them. We do also closely monitor 'age inappropriate challenges' such as drugs, alcohol, pornography, sex, tobacco products, social media and technology pressures, and peer ostracization.


Part of our job is to help our students understand what it means to be a member of a community, and how their actions impact the world and people around them. Our students will learn to be mentors to younger students at sister pre and grammar schools. We provide them the opportunity give back in a variety of creative ways. They may build bikes for underprivileged youth,  make and then serve food to homeless people, plant trees, and much more.

Please refer to our web site at for more detailed descriptions and information.

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